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This is a specially developed lubricated non-graphited long vegetable fibre braided packing for marine applications. It has been further lubricated with a low friction dry lubricant to enhance anti-friction property for use in sea water and fresh or river water applications, water wheel shafts or rudder and stern glands.



The most critical parts to seal in a ship are the stern tubes and the rudder post. With this view in mind, a most reliable packing is specially developed from non-asbestos tough vegetable fibres. The packing is impregnated with lubricants which protect the packing structure. This packing is therefore most suited for use in marine against sea water in rudder posts and stern tubes, oils, weak alkali solutions and in paper plants.



This packing is manufactured from high tensile strength vegetable fibre thoroughly impregnated with a special lubricant and graphite. Suitable for fresh and salt water, pen-stock and heavy duty hydraulic applications.



A special non-graphited soft natural fibre yarn packing impregnated with first grade lubricant suitable for high speed centrifugal pumps, compressors and refrigerations,
D M Water, cooling water and condensate pumps. Owing to the pliable nature of the material used this packing permits free motion of the rod.


-200° to +3000

A most advanced technology packing. A special DUPLEX BRAIDED construction made from synthetic aramid fibre as strong as steel and most flexible. Safely recommended for pumping granular and viscous fluids, even under high pressure condition. This packing is suitable for solvents, abrasive slurries, fuel oil, high pressure dozing pumps, mild acids and alkalies. A most effective packing for refinery, high pressure water injection system and as an anti-extrusion packing. PH 3 - 12.


-200° to +2800

This is a cross braided combination packing having pure PTFE fibre with special high pressure resistant fibre filament yarn incorporated in it. This packing is most suitable to all fluids and corrosive chemicals. It has exceptionally good dimensional stability, creep resistance and is non-toxic. Recommended for. dairies, food and pharmaceutical industries, refineries and fertilizer plants. This packing can withstand high pressure conditons in both rotary and reciprocating applications. PH 2 - 12.

-200° to +3000
A high quality combination packing incorporated with graphite/PTFE fibres and special synthetic fibre to give additional reinforcement of sliding surface and heat dissipation property. It is most suited in centrifugal and reciprocating pumps with high pressure and sliding velocity for abrasive media. It resists hot water, oil, gases, greases, liquid ammonia and carbamate solution under high pressure conditions. PH 3 - 12..
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